Antibody Resource

Building applications in PHP, HTML/CSS, MYSQL and JavaScript. All sorts of interactive tools to aid scientists in their research.

One of the primary projects that I work on, in all areas, including back and front end development is the ABR Jobsite. This site lets employers post jobs to the scientific community. The site includes features like 'protein tag' a vast database of antibody products which enables the employer to add protein codes (uniprot) to the post to specifically match their job with prospective antibody scientists.

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The Antibody Resource page is primarily a search engine for antibody products and Elisa kits, but also has a vast amount of tools to help with research and is a great platform for biotech companies to showcase their products and services. As well as supporting the everyday maintenance of the website and assisting in marketing campaigns, I have created client sponsored pages and other features to present complex data in a informative and intuitive way. Some of which are listed below:

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